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# The Note book can edit in an enhanced editor with a contextual format tool's pane
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14 May 2011

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This is a note taker and organizer application.

Effective notes will help you organize all personal as well as work notes into one place where they can be found quickly when needed. Tasks and reminders can be set up for individuals. The creation of the notes is done through a feature rich editor. It offers a context based tool pane. Tagging and calendar features are also available with the tool. The program starts for the first time by defining the file locations, and then you decide if the program starts at a specific page. You can choose schedule, notebook or the address book to be the starting place every time the program is launched. The next choice is about a color scheme for the program. This can be any one of seven choices offered during the initial set up. Besides schedule, you can opt to view notes and addresses. Similarly you can start to create new notes as also create new sticky note and add details of a new contact to the addresses.

The schedule can show a grid of notes from many different date ranges. Filters help display only the notes you want to see. Managing all the other details are done through the intuitive screens. For example the detailed editor for creating notes lets you create general, sticky notes, details and alarms. The operating controls and the entry text boxes make operating very easy. You are not likely to need much familiarity time; you should be able to get productive very quickly. This is an easy and handy tool that can be very effective.

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This is the only organizer you will need. # It has the ability to setup tasks and reminders against people. # The Note book can edit in a richly enhanced editor with a contextual format tool's pane. # The schedule can show a grid of notes from many different date ranges to filter well. This can be seen in the calendar. # The contacts list can then assign the notes to specific people. # Your data can be dealt with easily in printing, exporting via email, spreadsheets or rich text files. Managing your schedule. The schedule is used to show your notes. Filters are then used to make your list show you just the ones you need. From here you can then email, print or export as xls or rtf files. Managing contacts Information entered into the dialog is then saved to the main database. The data you can enter ranges from your own personal details and family names and dates, as well as addresses and contact numbers. Details concerning the web mean you can click a button to open either an email or browse a website
Effective Notes
Effective Notes
Version 2.0
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